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Debt Collections & Attorney Resources Based in Sherman Oaks, California

JMH & Associates of Sherman Oaks, California, provides debt collections at fair rates and attorney resources. Our debt recovery experience, technology, and written and verbal techniques have been proven effective time and time again. In these trying times, every dollar counts. Allow our professionals to recover what is rightfully yours.

Retrieving Your Money

Most people want to pay their bills. If debtors are treated like humans, they will resolve their accounts quicker. We do not bully, yell, or treat people rudely, but are persistent and persuasive. Utilizing the latest technologies, sophisticated research, investigation techniques, and every collection tool available, such as skip trace tools,
we locate debtors and/or assets.

Person on Phone, Debt Collections, Attorney Resources in Sherman Oaks, CA

Light Speed check on the spot program eliminates the "checks in the mail” game. Our debt collection agency also knows the games debtors play, allowing us to anticipate their moves and overcome their obstacles.

Litigation and legal action should be an absolute last resort. JMH & Associates reviews and recommends litigation on a case-by-case basis. These services are available through our extensive network of attorneys specializing in recovering bad debt. It is far more important to look at the total dollars returned to you through our efforts rather than a low percentage rate that prohibits any collector from maximizing return.

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